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is the industry leader in the certification and licensing of already-experienced operators.

Are you (or do you know) an experienced heavy equipment operator who never got officially certified, or whose license has expired? CEO: Certification of Experienced Operators is the perfect licensing solution. Experienced heavy equipment operators can receive certification quickly, so they can continue working in the oil, gas, mining, and road construction industry in BC, Alberta, and other provinces — with a proven certificate of experience.

We offer industry-recognized certification for…

Don’t Waste Time
Starting From Square One

Whether you’re an employer or a heavy equipment operator, we know your time is valuable. That’s why we designed the CEO: Certification of Experience Operators program to make certification and compliance as seamless and efficient as possible. Many experienced operators are not licensed, or have allowed their license to expire. This leads to higher insurance costs, less safe job sites, and lack of compliance. The CEO program is designed as the solution for operators who don’t need to start back at the beginning of a heavy equipment training course. Our testing is thorough, but easy for an experienced operator to pass… and almost impossible for an inexperienced one to pass.


  • I’ve been an operator for years without being licensed. Why should I get my license now?
  • Why should I work for a company that requires me to be a licensed HEO?
  • Is this licensing industry-recognized and of a high quality?
  • How does the CEO program make me more employable, marketable, and able to get better/higher paying jobs?
  • I’m on a budget. Why should I take the CEO program from Velocity Training?

Our industry recognized training allows seasoned operators to receive certification and licensing without attending a full-length heavy equipment training program.

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